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My name is Isabella, I am a law student and a model.
I live in Zagreb, Croatia where I was born in 1993.
I started this blog in summer of 2011 after posting looks on Lookbook and Facebook, I won a few fashion contests in Croatia, and my look was published in Teen Vogue where people noticed me. Atomic Models contacted me and I wore my first fashion shows in spring of 2011. A few of my dearest friends suggested me to make a blog and post photos as a diary. 
I've loved photography since I was a kid, I took a few lessons, but never studied it. I always think it brought me to loving fashion in a first place. 
The Pile of Style is a name I came up with in the same morning I started my blog. I thought the rhyme was important because it's easier to catch and remember.
This blog is my personal diary, my own world of happiness and wanderlust. I find freedom in exploring little things, clothes and world.
Thanks to the blog, I’ve been part of some very exciting projects, it brought me a lot of joy and happiness, but I won't lie, I work pretty hard on this.  
I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities that came to me thanks to blogging.
I hope you like my little world and feel free to contact me on: thepileofstyle@gmail.com

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